Making Follow-Ups A Part Of Your Job Search

Following-up with each job listing you apply for can greatly increase the chances of securing an interview. It can also help you to avoid the feeling of your application being sent into a black hole. Just know that the advice below will depend a lot on your previous research about a company; specifically their size and how they handle the hiring process in general.

Making Notes

The first thing we can do to start the follow-up process is to keep detailed notes on all of the jobs you apply to. Take note of all of the different forms of contact a company uses when hiring: e-mail address, phone number, physical address, fax numbers, website address, etc. You’ll also want to look out for any names that will be important, such as people you’ll need to address cover letters to.

Other things include the names of people you’ve had correspondence with, how many times you’ve followed up, and when you plan on following up again. Keeping track of the process will be important so that you can schedule your phone calls or e-mails in the future.

You can view our job tracking form for download in both pdf and spreadsheet formats here.

How To Follow-Up

After you’ve done the research, it’s time to follow-up. My preference for following-up is to either do it in person or over the phone. Regardless, the process for either is generally the same with a few changes here and there.

If you’ve applied in person such as in dropping off a resume, then I would also follow-up in person a week or so later if I haven’t heard back from the company. I think a week is appropriate regardless of follow-up method. Make sure to wear something professional if you’re going in and be ready to interview on the spot. You’ll want to re-introduce yourself just in case, and let them know when you first applied and for what position. Just ask how things have been going and if the position is still available. If it’s still open, express your willingness and availability to interview for the position.

If the Position’s Still Open

If they say, “no, it’s been filled”, be graceful and thank them for the opportunity. If you interviewed with them, also send or drop off a small thank you card.

But let’s say they tell you the position hasn’t been filled, then what can you do?

As mentioned above, if they say it’s still available with no qualifiers that’s when you jump and mention you’ve just applied a week ago and would love to interview for it, and ask when they are available.

Other times you may get some version of, “No it’s not filled yet, but…”

  • “We’re still going through resumes.”
  • “We’re still getting through interviews”
  • “We’re calling out now for interviews.”

In any of these cases, you are still asking for the interview. Don’t be hurt or alarmed if you’re turned down. When making your follow-up call or visit, remember that your contact still has a job to do and you may be interrupting it. Some companies and businesses do take quite some time to set up interviews. Although a week is a good buffer for a follow-up, it can still be relatively quick. Bottom line: be patient, but stick to the follow-up plan.

Written Follow-Ups

More traditional written follow ups will be written much like a cover letter with a little less detail. The employer will of course already have your resume and original cover letter, so in your follow-up you’ll want to reference when and for what position you applied.

Express your enthusiasm for the position and again detail your eagerness to interview for the position. Widen your availability as much as possible for a higher chance for a call back. List all the ways you can be contacted and be ready for the phone call should they call you back.

Wrapping Up Your Follow-Ups

Part of tracking your job search will be setting realistic expectations on the follow-up process. If you’ve followed up for a month straight, every week, with no result then it may be time to put that job listing away and put more energy toward other opportunities. As I mentioned, the first follow-up can generally take place a week after you apply. After that, you can follow up anywhere from every week to every two weeks depending on the company.

When you follow up, let them know when you plan to reach back out to them and ask if that’s okay. If they say yes, then great! If not, then give them some space while they collect the applications. Whenever a company says they will contact you for interviews and there’s no further need for you to follow up, move on to new job listings and set a follow up for a month or two down the road to check back in on the job.

Follow ups are an important part of the job search and help solidify all the hard work you do during the application process. Make sure to follow through with every application you send and you’ll have more interviews this upcoming hiring season.

What to Write About In A Cover Letter

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A cover letter is an opportunity to show potential employers more insight into who you are as a worker. It’s recommended you send a cover letter with each application to give the employers further details about your skills and abilities.

Who Are You Writing To?

The first step in writing a good cover letter is finding to whom you will be addressing your correspondence. Most times when sending a cover letter you will not have had the opportunity to meet anyone at the company just yet. Therefore you will need to do research to see who in the company usually receives the applications. Some companies post their human resources personnel on their website. Other times, you can find employee listings on LinkedIn that will help you find the appropriate person.

If you’re not able to find a name, then address your letter to “Human Resources” or “To Whom it May Concern”.

Create A Connection

One of the first things you want to write about in your letter is how you found out about the job opening. This can help to create a connection with the reader. While most employers will know where their jobs have been listed, it helps hiring managers see what ways of recruitment are working.

This step is especially important if you are being referred to a company by a friend or former co-worker. If your friend is specifically referring you, then mention the connection in the opening of the letter. This can help jog the memory of the hiring manager to set your resume aside for special consideration since you were referred by someone already working for the company.

You also want to mention the specific position you are applying to. Make sure to triple-check the job listing as well so that you can list any specific information requested by the employer such as a reference number or salary requirements.

Your Abilities Match Their Needs

The bulk of your cover letter body should be used to address how your specific abilities match the needs of the company and the position listed. Hopefully your resume will already do this using keywords from the job listing, but the cover letter provides an opportunity to explain how you have used your skills in specific work-related scenarios. If you’re looking for a position in management, talk about specific things you’ve managed and how their outcomes were positive. Telling two or three sentence stories about your past experience and explaining how it relates to the needs of the company can help you secure an interview. Be ready to expand even further!

Making A Plan

When ending a cover letter, always be thankful. The hiring process is difficult and tedious and can strain the workload of many a hiring manager.

The ending is also the time to layout the plan you have for following up with the employer. Your plan should not involve any further effort from the company. If the company reaches out to you, then great! If not, you still have a plan to follow up in a week or two to check how the hiring process is going. Depending on the amount of research you’ve done, your follow-up may be a phone call, an e-mail, or another letter. Regardless, remember to follow up when you say you will! In everything you do, this will set the example of what type of worker you are.

If you’d like to check out cover letter templates and samples, click here.

We also have many other job search documents you can access by clicking here.

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Admin Assistant | $13/hr FT | Atlanta

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Administrative Assistant
TalentStar Digital, Inc. – Atlanta, GA
$13 an hour
Rapidly Growing Social Network Seeking Administrative Assistant

TalentStar Digital, Inc. is a rapidly growing social network in the entertainment industry that provides independent musicians, actors/actresses, models, and athletes with a unique opportunity to connect directly to entertainment executives worldwide.

We are seeking an Administrative Assistant with extensive experience in the following areas:

Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel are a must)
3 to 5 years experience as an Administrative Assistant
Errand running
Calendar scheduling and management
Appointment scheduling and management
60 words per minute typing speed
Social media proficiency (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
Professional communication skills both written and verbal
Reliable transportation is a must
Must also be willing to be trained on the company’s technology components
Will be reporting directly to the CEO and President of the company
Smartphone experience (iPhone or Android)
We are looking for:

A focused individual who consistently goes above and beyond.
Someone who is willing to work in a fast paced atmosphere.
Someone who is an aggressive self-starter.
Someone who takes direction well.
Someone who is a team player and use to working in a team environment.
Someone who is a hard worker and willing to stay late and come in early if needed.
An individual who is always on time and incredibly punctual.
Someone who can bring the executives of the company solutions as opposed to problems.
Overall, you just have to be awesome!
Schedule: 10am to 6pm | Monday through Friday

Location: Midtown, Atlanta, GA

Pay: $13 per hour to start; negotiable depending on experience.
Reimbursement for mileage.

Start Date: Monday, January 11, 2016

Please reply to this job posting with your resume and a cover letter addressed directly to the top executives of the company describing how you can help our rapidly growing company. This is a must to be considered for this position.

Job Type: Full-time

Local candidates only:

Atlanta, GA

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Admin Assistant | $15/hr | Novi, MI

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Administrative Assistant l


11 month contract assignment in Novi, MI
Please submit resume to reference #10548
Pay rate: $15.00/Hour
Provides routine administrative support including taking messages, scheduling meetings, preparing correspondence, filing, etc. for one or more managers or departments.

Researches and obtains information for reports and special assignments.

May assist with preparation of reports.

Requires a broad working knowledge of departmental and company policies and practices.

May be assigned in various functional areas of the company.

High School diploma/GED

Proficient in MS Office: Word, PowerPoint and Excel

2-3 years prior experience in an administrative setting

Strong communication skills: both written and verbal


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Receptionist/Admin Assistant | $16.10/hr PT | Xerox

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Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Evolv / Xerox – Sacramento, CA
$16.10 an hour

Part time 25 hrs. per week 9am -2pm

JOB FUNCTIONS: Receive and direct multiple incoming telephone calls on a multi -line telephone system. Document accurate and complete messages Greet and direct visitors and adhere to customer security / badge requirements Set-up, maintain files/records Responsible for conference room scheduling and meeting set up Perform office and records management May be asked to cover mail/ print production or fulfillment duties (faxing, scanning, copying) General administrative support

SKILLS: Able to lift and move up to 50 pounds Able to demonstrate ability to read, write and follow English instructions Able to demonstrate PC / Internet Skills Intermediate — Open applications — Create and find file folders — Find, open, and rename files using Windows Explorer (or equivalent) — Delete and recover files — Open and send e-mails (create mail, add, save attachments) — Manage email (create folders, change user options) — Basic internet navigation (search; navigate to websites; navigate within website) — Download and install files (fonts, drivers, etc.) from internet sites; open, complete and save/print internet forms — Perform mail merges — Intermediate knowledge of MS Word, Outlook, or equivalent —- Insert images —- Create and manage tables and columns —- Edit headers/footers —- Create forms —- Create and manage multiple sections) — Intermediate knowledge of MS Excel or equivalent —- Navigate multiple worksheets within a workbook —- Create charts/graphs —- Use basic math functions —- Create basic formulae — Working knowledge of MS PowerPoint or equivalent (open and create basic presentations, open saved, print using different options) Able to demonstrate use of phone equipment per training Able to demonstrate excellent Customer service and communication skills Able to demonstrate ability to manage multiple tasks Able to demonstrate ability to perform duties with minimal supervision Able to demonstrate ability to perform data entry Able to demonstrate business maturity and professionalism

Additional Details: This is a sales Office, with some technical service personnel. It is currently occupied by about 8-10 sales associates. There is no admin/receptionist in this position currently as this person left a few months ago therefore they need someone to come in and take over the responsibilities of managing the office from an administrative perspective. Professional appearance and communications skills. Customers will come to our office for meetings Part time 25 hrs. per week 9-2 to start, might change after first 30-60 days. This could transition to a FT position.

In office located in Sacramento Main Responsibilites: Various areas of admin/receptions supporting the current staff that work within the branch. These duties may include; Phones, typing, MS Office skills, mail, supplies, office management, facilities contact and scheduling, other misc. admin duties.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $16.10 /hour


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FT $10/Hr – Call Center Rep Position – Livonia, MI

Outbound Call Center Representative

MCM Staffing, LLC – Livonia, MI
$10 an hour
Do you have a passion for customer service and a great personality?

We’re looking for candidates just like you for one of our call center customers in Livonia, MI! No previous call center experience is required, but all candidates MUST be able to type 35 WPM or more and have a stable job history.

Schedule: Full-time, both day and afternoon shifts open, MUST be available weekends

Pay: $10.00/hr

This is a temp to hire opportunity with room for growth!

MCM Staffing, LLC is a women and minority-owned business headquartered in Madison Heights, MI. Most of MCM’s positions are long term positions, and as such we offer paid time off and health benefits!! We’re always looking for great talent!

Job Type: Full-time

Local candidates only:

Livonia, MI
Required experience:

Customer Service: 1 year
Required education:

High school or equivalent

Apply Now>


How to Get a Job After the Holidays

The new year is less than a week away and that means it’s time to re-engage your job search. While employers may not be hiring just yet, there are some simple steps you can take to be ready when employers come back from their holiday breaks.

Take Advantage of the Passive Job Search

When the job listings start getting posted in January and February you’ll have your chance to apply for the openings. In the meantime, you will want to make profiles on a number of job sites with your resume’s information.

One example of this type of account is on In addition to searching for jobs on Indeed, you can also upload or create a resume that is tied to your e-mail address and profile. Having a resume already attached to your profile gives you a few advantages.

First, some employers take applications directly through Indeed. These employers usually have an orange “APPLY NOW” button on their job listings. To apply for these jobs, all you need to do is press the orange button, confirm the resume on your profile, and then you’re good to go.

You can also make the resume on your profile searchable by employers. This means that employers looking to actively search for applicants rather than take applications can find you without even having to apply! This makes proper keyword use on your resume especially important.

You can learn more in our article on how to use indeed in your job search.

Re-Engage Your References

It may have been awhile since you’ve last made contact with your list of references. Even if it’s only been since Thanksgiving, reach out to your references. It’s good to double-check and make sure your references haven’t changed numbers. It’s also a good idea just to check and make sure they’re still willing to answer the phone and say good things about you!

If you’re having a difficult time reaching references or need to find new ones, you can always e-mail or use snail mail to ask for permission to use someone as a reference.

You can find out how to ask for a reference by checking out our documents page here.

Clean Up Your Social Media

We all like to have fun and enjoy ourselves during the holidays. That being said, we can sometimes have a little too much fun. Some of you out there like to post this fun on social media, which hurts your chances as a job applicant. Take the time now to start scrubbing your social media accounts clean! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever else is connected to your name and/or e-mail address.

Always make use of the privacy settings and set them appropriately. Remember that now more than ever, you are who you are online. There is less of a distinction between what people see on the internet and what they expect to show up for an interview. Give yourself the opportunity and make a good first impression online.

Practice Answering Interview Questions

If you’ve got your resume and cover letters nailed down, then it’s time to start practicing interview questions. Although there is what could be considered little change in interview questions over the years, we as employees are always learning new things and gaining new experiences. We have new stories to tell with each new job and position.

It’s also a good idea to practice just for the sake of practicing. Borrow a friend or jump in front of a mirror and practice talking in a clear and audible voice. Ask yourself questions and see what you can talk about your past experience on the fly. From there, give yourself notes on what you need to improve on.

For some practice questions to quiz yourself with, check out our documents page here. To get started with some more general advice on job interviews, check out our article on practicing for a job interview here.


It’s time to get busy with the job search so let’s tackle it together! Check back next week for more tips and help with your job search.


How to Practice For a Job Interview

One of the most often quoted platitudes regarding job interviews is to “Practice! Practice! Practice!” Great advice, but no one tells you how to practice. Practicing your interview skills involves improvisation, along with an ability to analyze your answers on the fly. Your memorization of the general ideas you would like to speak on will come as you practice what, in fact, to say.

Even with this free flow of ideas there will come a time in your practice routine when your answers will become monotonous because of how many times you have repeated them. You must move past THIS point of practice to delve further into the practice we are talking about. Read more How to Practice For a Job Interview

Using Indeed as a Tool For the Job Search

Your job search requires that you make the most of your time. That means knowing what types of job search websites to use and how to use them. Today I want to address how you can add to your job search tool bag to make your job search a little easier. is a job search website that aggregates different job listings together into an easily searchable format. It also allows you to set up a profile and upload a resume, letting employers search through the database of job-seekers. Although there are certainly other websites that provide both of these services, Indeed offers a straightforward and easy to use interface at no cost. That’s why I recommend Indeed as a jumping off point when starting the job search. Read more Using Indeed as a Tool For the Job Search

FREE Resume Templates and Other Job Search Documents

cover letter samples offers free resume templates and other job search documents. These documents are provided at no cost and include a variety of job search templates you can use to help secure employment.

The documents include resume templates, cover letter samples, thank you letter samples, job search tracking forms, tips on asking for letters of recommendation, and sample interview questions.

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