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Sample Resume Cover Letter to Apply for a Job


Cover Letter Sample 1 |  Download Now

I am writing in response to your position posted on for the customer service position. I have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

I have four years of work experience in the field of customer service, all within the insurance industry. During that time I have been responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction on every call. I also handle a daily backlog of outbound calls that address multiple areas of customer need.

I am currently attending courses to get my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and have already taken courses involving customer & client interactions. I have also been trained in several computer programs you mentioned in your advertisement. My education, along with my past experience, would allow me to really excel in the customer service position at XYZ company.

I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you further. You can reach me via phone at (555) 555-5555 or by e-mail at Thank you for your time.

Cover Letter Sample 2 |  Download Now

This letter is in reference to the management position listed through the local career center. I have become familiar with the recent growth of your company and I am confident that my areas of strength would be a large benefit to your company.

I am able to lead teams of many sizes to meet pressure packed deadlines. My past experience leading a team of ten involving web development projects has prepared me for the challenges involved in taking the next step in my career with XYZ Company.

With my ability to handle pressure, I am also able to better balance the follow-up pressures of my staff. I myself however know that my role with your company would involve working beyond the traditional work week of forty hours. I am ready and willing to take on that and any ensuing challenges.

I would greatly appreciate your consideration of my credentials. I will call your office next week to confirm that you received this letter, as well as my resume. If you would like to contact me before then, I can be reached at (555) 555-5555

Sample Resume Cover Letter Format Template

Cover Letter Template |  Download Now


Employer Contact Information
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Body of Cover Letter
The body of your cover letter lets the employer know what position you are applying for, why the employer should select you for an interview, and how you will follow-up.

First Paragraph:
The first paragraph of your letter should include information on why you are writing. Mention the position you are applying for. Include the name of a mutual contact, if you have one. Be clear and concise regarding your request. Convince the reader that they should grant the interview or appointment you requested in the first paragraph.

Middle Paragraphs:
The next section of your cover letter should describe what you have to offer the employer. Make strong connections between your abilities and their needs. Mention specifically how your skills and experience match the job you are applying for. Remember, you are interpreting your resume, not repeating it. Try to support each statement you make with a piece of evidence. Use several shorter paragraphs or bullets rather than one large block of text.

Final Paragraph:
Conclude your cover letter by thanking the employer for considering you for the position. Include information on how you will follow-up. State that you will do so and indicate when (one week’s time is typical). You may want to reduce the time between sending out your resume and follow up if you fax or e-mail it.

Complimentary Close:
Respectfully yours,

Handwritten Signature (for a mailed letter)
Typed Signature


Cover Letter Video Tutorials


How To Write A Good Cover Letter For A Job Application With No Work Experience  15:48

The first step regardless of experience is to try and find out to whom you are writing your cover letter. For most job applications nowadays you will be sending your cover letter through an automated system online. In these cases, it is alright to address your letter to an unspecified person, such as “To Whom It May Concern”. If at all possible though, try to find out the name of the actual manager in charge, either through LinkedIn or a company Google search. This will make the cover letter more personal.