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Our resume templates are created in Microsoft Word and Google Docs, but you can use almost any type of word processing software to open and edit our resume files.

For an in depth guide on how to open and edit our files inside Google Docs, click here.

Also, video tutorials on how to edit our resume templates are available on the resume download pages for the high school student resume and the skills based 3-column resume, available here and here.

Opening Our Files

Once you’ve downloaded our template, go to the “Open” selection on your word processing program. Find the resume file you just downloaded and click to select it.

All of our files are saved in the .docx format, which can be opened by nearly any word processing program.

Editing Our Resumes

A good portion of the text in our resumes is filler language that doesn’t make any sense. Make sure to delete all of the preexisting words & language from the templates. Almost everything on the templates are filler words and won’t make sense on your resume!

  • Include multiple forms of contact information. The resume templates include most types of contact information you’d expect to be asked, but they are not exhaustive. Double check all job applications to see if specific information needs to be included on your resume’s contact section.

Resume Templates By Style

View all of our resume templates at a glance. Click below to select a certain style to view:

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Skills Based Resume Templates

A skills based resume emphasizes your specific skills & abilities to show that you’re qualified for the job.

Learn more about all of our skills based resume templates by clicking here.


More Skills Based Info…

A good skills based resume is very dependent on the job you are applying for. Obviously, jobs where you need to know lots of specific skills are the perfect opportunity to use this type of template.

However, any job where you need to organize your professional experience can be a reason to use a skills based resume.

If you need more help filling out your skills based resume then click here for more information on how to make a skills based resume.


Professional Summary Resume Templates

A professional summary is a way to quickly explain your top qualifications at the start of your resume.

To view all of our professional summary templates, click here.

More About Professional Summaries…

Having a strong professional summary will entice the recruiter to continue reading and find out more about your experience.

These resumes all feature different types of summaries so feel free to further experiment with the space.


No Experience Resume Templates

No Experience resume templates are built upon the idea of having little to no work history or job experience.

These resumes must rely more on individual skills, specific knowledge, and your educational background.

To view all of our no experience resumes, click here.

About Our No Experience Resumes…

Our no experience resumes focus heavily on your education as a way to express all of your positive attributes.

But use the space wisely! Talking about lots of volunteer experience can also be a good way to show off your talents.


Functional Resume Templates

Functional resumes are a great way to showcase all your talents and abilities.

They are also great resumes to use if you have employment gaps or have worked for many employers over a short period of time.

To view all of our functional resume templates, click here.


About Functional Resumes…

A functional resume is just a different way of formatting to show your experience in a different context.

They are often used to show a wide variety of experience and skills in a selection of job roles.


Chronological Resume Templates

A chronological resume is usually a reference to the way that job history and work experience are formatted on a standard resume.

Technically, your jobs should be listed in a reverse-chronological order – that is to say, your most recent job listed first and your least recent job listed last.

To get more information on chronological resumes, click here.



Google Docs Resume Templates

Our Google Docs resume templates were created in and made for the Google based word processing software, Google Docs.

Even so, these templates can be opened and edited in almost any word processor.

To view a tutorial on how to use our templates in Google Docs, click here.





Microsoft Word Resume Templates

Our Microsoft Word resume templates are available in the .docx format and should work in any version of Word that you have.

To view all of our Microsoft Word templates, click here.

Resume Templates By Job

The following resumes are organized by the type of job they are for. The templates include sample job descriptions and achievements as a guide, but please of course use your own experiences.


Administrative Assistant Resume Templates

Below are a range of different administrative assistant resume samples.

Admin assistants will generally have lots of the same skill-sets across industries. However, each type of job will have it’s own unique skills needed to be successful.

For more information on writing your own administrative assistant resume, click here.


Customer Service Resume Templates

Call Center Customer Service

call center customer service representative resume template

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