Free Chronological Resume Templates

What is a Chronological Resume?

A chronological resume is usually a reference to the way that job history and work experience are formatted on a standard resume. Technically, your jobs should be listed in a reverse-chronological order – that is to say, your most recent job listed first and your least recent job listed last.

Listing your jobs and experience in this way makes a lot of sense. Usually your most recent experience can be the most relevant experience you have when applying for a new job. It can also be where you have the most contacts to use as references that could give you a leg up on the competition.

While there are technically different ways to format your resume besides using a chronological resume layout, almost all resumes will still have some part of the work history listed out and it will almost always make the most sense to list it in a reverse-chronological order.

General Layout of a Chronological Resume

A chronological resume is going to be no different than any other type of resume and should include all of the following sections:

  • Heading with name and contact information
  • Objective or Professional Summary
  • Combination of Job History & Work Descriptions
  • Education Information

Your resume may also contain a skills section depending on the type of job you are applying for.

Chronological Resume Format Vs. Other Resume Formats

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Download Free Chronological Resume Samples

All of the following resume templates for download are based on a chronologicial format.

Education Based Chronological Resume Templates

These resumes provide a chronological resume format with a heavy focus on the skills and experience you’ve gained through your education.

Objective Skills Volunteer Chronological Resume



This resume leads off with an objective to let the employer know your career outset.

It also contains a lot of area for skills you have learned through your education.

On the bottom of the resume is a section for listing any volunteer experience.

File name: objective skills education no experience resume template.docx

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Graduate School Education Chronological Resume


This resume is great for someone with an extensive educational background.

You can use the bullet points under the school listings to emphasize specific skills you learned and tasks you completed.

File name: no experience education grad school resume template.docx

File size: 16.8 KB

Total downloads: 69


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3 Column College Education Chronological Resume


If you have specific technical skills you learned through your schooling then this is a great resume for you.

There’s also lots of space for your education if you have multiple degrees.

File name: 3_column_skills_education_first_resume_template.docx

File size: 19.3 KB

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High School Student Chronological Resume



This resume is formatted for high school students as well as high school graduates who have earned their diploma.

File size: 7.9 KB

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College Student Chronological Resume



This resume is formatted for college students.

File name: college-student-no-experience-resume-template.docx

File size: 7.6 KB

Total downloads: 34

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College Education Skills Chronological Resume



This resume is great for both college students and graduates.

Your objective should be both a summary of your educational experience and your future aspirations.

If you have multiple degrees or are in a graduate program, there’s enough space with this resume to describe all of your skills.

File name: college education skills based resume template1.docx

File size: 7.9 KB

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Skills Based Chronological Resumes

A skills based resume is a type of resume format that uses your specific skills and abilities to show how qualified you are for the job.

Skills based resumes use some type of skills section to convey the often large amount of specific skills that are hyper applicable to the job you’re applying for.

Here are the skills based chronological resume templates available free to download:

3 Column Many Skills Chronological Resume

many skills professional summary resume template


File name: 3 Column Skills Resume.docx

File size: 6.2 KB

Total downloads: 374

This resume template has 3 columns – plenty of space to list all your skills.

This type of resume is especially useful to job-seekers in the trades or any industry that requires a lot of skills.

Have a strong professional summary to bring together the best of your abilities. You’ll have more space to expand later in the resume.

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Strong Summary Skills Chronological Resume

bolded professional summary resume


File name: Strong Summary Skills Resume.docx

File size: 6.7 KB

Total downloads: 153

This resume template uses a bolded professional summary to let the employer know you’re qualified.

This can be a great resume to use when you have multiple attributes that meet the employer’s requirements.

The summary works best in one or two sentences.

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