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What Is A Functional Resume?

A functional resume is a type of resume format that allows you to emphasize your specific job skills and abilities while downplaying any weaknesses you may have in work history.

To think of it another way, a functional resume is just a different way to organize the content of your resume to show off what your best at.

The purpose of the functional resume is to overwhelm the recruiter with positive information in the top half of the resume. That way, by the time they get to your weaker spots they may have already convinced themselves how great of a fit you are.

Why use a functional resume?

The functional resume format is a good choice for job seekers that have the skills and knowledge to get hired but may have a less than stellar work history.

Maybe you have had a lot of short-term jobs over a small time period and you’re worried about looking like a job-hopper. Or maybe you have a few year gap of employment recently that you don’t have the greatest explanation for.

Regardless of the reason, a functional resume is a great fit for anyone with concerns about their work history.


How To Make A Functional Resume

Organizing your career information into a different type of resume format can be a great way to shake things up if you’ve been having bad luck with your job search.

As we go through the parts of a functional resume, think about how you are organizing your career information on the page. And also think about how a hiring manager’s eyes would be guided through the page.

Let’s take a look at a sample resume template to see how you will want to organize your work experience:


Quick Tips: The key to a great functional resume is coming up with great headings for your past experience. These headings should be targeted based on what each individual company is looking for as far as broad skillsets go.

Functional Resume Heading

Nothing changes with the heading on a functional resume. It will still go at the top and include at least four pieces of information: your name, phone number, location, and e-mail address.

Functional Resume Professional Summary

Next on your resume will be a professional summary.

The professional summary needs to be a summation of how you address the employers need(s), using a combination of descriptions that fit in with what will follow on your resume.

This summary could be anywhere from 1-4 sentences. You can decide best how to use the space on your resume, but I find that it’s best to be brief in your opening.

If you’d like more information on professional summaries and templates with a professional summary, click here.

Describing Previous Work Experience On A Functional Resume

With a functional resume, your previous employment will be described under headings of skills and/or job titles.

Take an inventory of the past 5 to 7 years of your work history and try to group your job responsibilities into 2 or 3 categories. The category titles should summarize the job duties and skills that you will talk about under each heading.

Under each category title should be a combination of job duties and descriptions of applying your skills. Use the job listing for the job you’re applying for to find out what types of skills the company needs.

Using Specific Job Description Titles

You can also use specific job category titles depending on the job you are applying for. For example, in the resume above there is a title for “Web Design”. But if the job you are applying to requests a specific coding language rather than talking about general web design, it may be a good to make a more specific category title such as “Javascript Developer”.



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Building a Functional Resume for Job Hoppers Career Changers, and Students

A functional resume is a great way to show off your technical knowledge and skills while disguising your past work history (or lack thereof).

When building a resume, you have to imagine yourself as a hiring manager. What an employer sees on a resume and in what order they see it matters when it comes to your chances of being hired!

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