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Skills Based Functional Resume Description

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This is a great resume that combines specific technical skills with accomplishment based job descriptions.

Break down your knowledge into more specific categories so that you can go into more detail about what you know and what you’ve done.

The resume also comes with an extensive skills section that you won’t miss out on listing any program or tool you’re proficient with.

How To Use A Skills Based Functional Resume

The guide below will help you to put together your very own resume.

Strong Professional Summary

To use this type of functional resume you will need to start off with a very strong professional summary.

That’s because a resume like this often branches out into a number of different categories and areas of knowledge. The job of your resume summary will be to bring all of that know-how under one roof.

It will also be important in your summary to mention the one skill that you have that they most desire or otherwise makes you a stand-out candidate. Use a sentence or two to describe an accomplishment with your skill that can encapsulate multiple areas of knowledge.

Of course, it won’t be easy but it may be a good idea to save this part for last, once you know what the rest of your resume will look like.


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