Google Docs Resume Templates Free to Download

This page provides free resume templates for download, guides on how to open and edit our resume templates in Google Docs, and how to find more resume templates provided through Google Drive.



About Google Docs & Google Drive Applications

You do not need expensive software to make a great looking resume template and Google Docs is one major reason why.

Google Docs is a free word processing program provided by Google. The Google Docs software can be accessed through your web browser or by downloading the mobile or tablet app from your devices’ app store.

Google Docs is part of a suite of business software, along with Google Sheets and Google Slides – Google’s spreadsheet and presentation office products.

Using Google Docs, you can create and edit resumes, cover letters, and many other types of documents.

Docs is also integrated into Google Drive, a cloud storage service that lets you save your documents and other files online. Best of all, the service provides you with 15GB of space to use at no charge.

Why Use Google Docs?

  • All of your documents are saved online and can be edited from almost any internet device.
  • Headings and most other formatting is retained when files are opened in other word processing programs.
  • Google Docs provides many business related templates, with free and quick access.
  • Autosave feature means you won’t lose your work.

One of the biggest reasons we use Google Docs for creating and distributing resumes is because you can import and edit documents that were made in other word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word.

You can also create brand new documents inside Google Docs and send them to recipients who should have no problems opening the files in different word processing programs.

Google Docs .docx Compatability

The compatibility across the spectrum of word processing programs will help your resume be seen correctly, no matter what program is used to open it.

The “.docx” format that you are able to save in allows your file to be opened by almost any word processing software that’s out there, including re-uploading it into Google Docs.

It is the default save format for Microsoft Word and .docs has become a very common file format for saving all types of documents.

All of the resume templates on this site have been saved in the “.docx” format and are compatible for use in Google Docs.

With that in mind, let’s get started with a guide on how to use our Google Docs Resume Templates.


How to Use Our Google Docs Resume Templates

This guide will help you import our resume files into the Google Docs software.

Once you’ve downloaded the resume template you like, follow these quick steps to open and edit our templates in Google Docs:

Step 1: Sign up for a FREE Google account at


Step 2: From the Google Docs homepage, click on “Open File Picker”.


Step 3: Along the top menu, click on “Upload”.

google docs upload resume

Step 4: Drag or select the resume template file you just downloaded and click “Open”.


Step 5: Your document will take a moment to upload. Once finished, your document is now ready for editing!


Step 6: When you have finished editing, you can save your new resume in a number of different formats.



Free Google Docs Resume Templates For Download

All of the following resume templates are compatible with Google Docs.

Bold Professional Summary Google Docs Resume



This resume helps you underline your most important skills and qualifications.

A bolded and quick professional summary is grest for job-seekers with lots of experience in a single industry or career.

It also has ample space for job-related skills that show just how qualified you are.

File Name: google docs bold summary resume template.docx

File Size: 6.7 KB

Total Downloads: 178

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3 Column Skills Google Docs Resume



This resume template has 3 columns of space to list all of your job skills.

It’s a great resume for anyone with a technical job that needs to show they can use a lot of different skills, abilities, or tools.

Your summary should emphasize your best abilities and whet the employer’s appetite to find out more.

File name: google docs 3 column skills resume template.docx

File size: 6.2 KB

Total downloads: 146

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Functional 2 Columns Google Docs Resume

google docs functional resume template


This resume helps you organize your past experience to emphasize your job-ready skills and hide any blemishes in your work history.

Ask what skill categories make sense based on the job and the employer.

Use the right side of the resume to expand on how you used your skills.

File Name: google docs functional resume template.docx

File Size: 18.2 KB

Total Downloads: 267

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Job Specific Summary Google Docs Resume



This resume highlights your background of experience in one specific industry.

The bolded section should be a job title, while the section underneath still let’s you expand on your top qualifications in a more traditional summary.

You can replace a job listing with more education if necessary.

File name: google docs specific professional summary resume template.docx

File size: 18.1 KB

Total downloads: 71

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Longer Summary Google Docs Resume



This resume template lets you explain in much more detail why you’re the best fit for the job.

A longer professional summary is a good idea if you have experience in multiple industries.

But even then, don’t go much beyond four sentences.

File name: google docs longer summary resume template.docx

File size: 20.1 KB

Total downloads: 79

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Objective Volunteer Google Docs Resume



This resume is for people who may have lots of individual skills but not a lot of experience.

There is also space for non paid, volunteer experience.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a good objective, omit it and list more skills instead.

File name: objective volunteer google docs resume template.docx

File size: 6.1 KB

Total downloads: 48

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Grad School Education Google Docs Resume



This resume is for people who have a lot of education to show, including graduate degrees.

With a resume based heavily on education, describe your accomplishments in school in the context of the job.

Find similarities between the job you’re applying for and the work you did in school.

File name: google docs education grad school resume template.docx

File size: 16.8 KB

Total downloads: 42

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Skills Based Education Google Docs Resume



This resume comes with 3-columns of space for your skills while also letting you highlight your extensive education.

This is a great resume for people applying for more technical jobs.

It also has space for multiple degrees and can be used as a resume for both job and school applications.

File name: google docs lots of skills education resume template.docx

File size: 19.3 KB

Total downloads: 100

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3 Column Functional Google Docs Resume


The functional skills resume gives you an opportunity to showcase individual skills within a functional resume format.

The key to a good functional resume is picking smart headings for your skills.

Use the job listing as your guide to finding keywords that the employer may be looking for in a resume.

File name: Google Docs Functional Skills Resume Template.docx

File size: 7.9 KB

Total downloads: 54

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Experienced Functional Google Docs Resume

experience functional google docs resume template


File name: experience-functional-google-docs-resume-template.docx

File size: 7.2 KB

Total downloads: 4


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High School Student Skills Google Docs Resume

high school student no experience google docs resume template


File name: high-school-student-no-experience-google-docs-resume-template.docx

File size: 7.9 KB

Total downloads: 4


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College Student Education Google Docs Resume

college student education google docs resume template


File name: college-student-education-google-docs-resume-template.docx

File size: 7.6 KB

Total downloads: 3


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College Functional Skills Google Docs Resume

College Education Functional Skills Google Docs Resume Template


File name: College-Education-Functional-Skills-Google-Docs-Resume-Template.docx

File size: 7.5 KB

Total downloads: 4


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Google Docs Resume Format & Layout Features

Whether you are uploading an existing resume into Google Docs or creating a brand new one, you will want to properly format the resume so it can be easily seen by hiring software & people alike.

So now that you’ve found the resume you like, let’s take a look at some tips on how to format the resume to fit your needs.

Original Formatting

Google Docs is a powerful word processing program that has many tools and options you’ll be familiar with if you’re coming from using Microsoft Office software.


One key to organizing your resume is to use headings where appropriate.

Headings also help to layout your resume like an outline which can often times make it easier for both human resources employees and applicant tracking software to read.

Standard formatting tools like bullet points, columns, and various font options are all included. If your resume will be sent to people not viewing it in the Google Docs app, make sure to pick a font and style that will be seen across all word processors, but mostly Microsoft Word.

Fonts like Arial, Verdana, and Times New Roman are common and recommended.

Import Your Own Files

You may need to import your resume from Microsoft Word to work on it through the Google Docs app. The Docs software does a great job of keeping most of the formatting just like you had it.

But before you start to make changes, double check to make sure the resume has indeed retained all of your previous formatting. It’s better to fix any errors before you start making new changes that may only make the original problems worse.

If you’re just looking to copy a section or two from a Word document to Google Docs, you can copy and paste. When you go to paste the information by right clicking, be sure to select the option to paste without formatting.

Since you’re only looking to copy the plain-text information, it will be better to have the pasted sections unformatted. Once copied over, you can then format the added sections to match the rest of your resume.

If you have older Word files you’re not sure will be supported, check out Google Support for more information on working with Office files in Google Docs.

HirePowers Resume Formats

The resume templates we have available for download across a broad spectrum of formats – single columns, double columns, bullet list skills sections, and more, all are compatible within Google Docs.

Choose one you’d like and you think would fit with your particular skillset. But do not be afraid to modify these templates and their formatting to meet your specific needs.

Only you know what will be best for your resume and these free resume downloads are just a way to help you get started creating your own.


How To Find More Google Docs Resume Templates Through Google Drive

If one of our resumes doesn’t meet your needs, that’s okay! Google provides it’s own set of resume templates directly through the Google Docs App.

These Google Drive and Google Docs resume templates are free to use and download.

To check out the available templates, follow the guide below:

Step 1: Go to your account at Google Drive. The web address is Click the blue “NEW” button in the top left corner.


Step 2: Under the “NEW” menu, click on the arrow on the same line as Google Docs. That will give you two options, to create a new Google Docs document as blank or from a template. Select “From a template”.


Step 3: The Template gallery will open. Scroll to the section heading for Resumes and click on the resume template that you like best.


Step 4: The resume template that you chose will open up in Google Docs, ready for you to edit!