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This resume template has 3 columns of space to list all of your job skills.

It’s a great resume for anyone with a technical job that needs to show they can use a lot of different skills/tools/software, or any other type of specialized skill set.

There is also a lot of space for past work experience, where you can explain the specifics of how you’ve used the above mentioned skills.

How To Use A Three Column Skills Resume

Below is a starting guide on how to fill out the different sections of the resume.

Starting With A Professional Summary

Your professional summary will be the topic sentence of your resume. It should summarize your past work experience and put your large amount of skills into a larger context.

That context should be targeted towards the job listing and any specific abilities the employer says they are most looking for.

Lots and Lots of Skills

It’s okay if you don’t end up using all of the space for the listed skills – adapt this resume to your personal needs.

But with many jobs, there is a lot of technical know how that must be displayed for the employer to know you are 100% qualified.

Use this space for job specific skills, not skills like communication or being organized. More general skills are easier to display in the work experience section.

Try and keep the skills section as targeted as possible. Re-read the original job listing ad if you need to, to make sure you don’t miss any skills they need for the job.

Balance Work Experience & Education

You had to have learned all those skills from somewhere and the employer and education section is the perfect place to expand on the everyday applications of your skills.

This resume is set up with more space for your work experience. But if you have more education to list, balance out the two sections as much as possible.

Both sections will be important to detail your accomplishments and to show the employer that you have work experience using the skills they desire.



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