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This resume helps you underline your most important skills and qualifications.

With a bolded and quick professional summary, this Google Docs resume is great for job-seekers with lots of experience in a particular industry or career.

How To Use A Professional Summary Resume Template

Below is a brief description of the different parts of the resume and how to be most effective with each section.

Bolded Professional Summary

The bolded professional summary is great if you have at least a few years of experience in one particular industry or career. It can draw attention to your greatest strength, and then lead the employers eye right to your valuable skills. The summary shouldn’t be more than a sentence or two – you are trying to get your message across as quickly as possible. The rest of your resume will be able to fill them in on any details you leave out of the summary.

Two Columns For Skills

This skills sections helps you organize the job-specific skills that are most important to the employer. More broad skills like communication can be explained within the job summary. This section is for more technical skills – types of skills you could not do the job without.

Experience & Work History Layout

The experience section for this resume leaves lots of space to detail your accomplishments and work related tasks. On this resume, the job title has the most emphasis in the work history section. But if the employers you worked for were more important than the job title, feel free to switch them around.


The main focus of this resume is your skills and the work experience that helped you get them. Very little emphasis is placed on the education section, which is why it’s listed last. However, feel free to place it at the beginning if you are a recent graduate or if your degree is something the employer is specifically looking for.


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