College Functional Skills Google Docs Resume Template

College Education Functional Skills Google Docs Resume Template

College Functional Skills Google Docs Resume Description

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This resume sample helps you organize your abilities and knowledge to show employers just what you’re capable of.

Make sure to use a strong summary that captures a little bit of every section. Your strongest skills should be noted here.

Divide the categories using language the employer themselves use so that they know exactly what you’re talking about.

How To Use A College Functional Skills Resume

Summarize Your Abilities

A direct and strong summary is the key to a great functional resume. Your professional summary should talk about your two or three strongest skills and what you accomplished while using them.

The summary should also take into account the most important skills that the employer is looking for. Find the skills where your experiences and their wants come together. Ask yourself what are the most important things to know to do this job well.

Skills & Abilities Functional Categories

To create good functional skill categories you will need to study the job listing thoroughly.  Take the abilities and knowledge they are looking for and put them into groups based on their similarities. Those larger groups will be the basis for your categories.

When you go to create the bullet points under the headings, you should be using the same kind of language you would use if writing details about a job or your education.

Also, be sure to focus on the things you were able to get done because of your skills. Accomplishment based descriptions will give you an edge and will help the employer envision you being successful in the job.

If you have specific technical skills you need to mention, like knowing how to use specific tools or software programs, you can list them in a separate skills section that isn’t defined by a category of knowledge.

A Functional Education

In most cases you will use this type of functional education when the employer values skills over where you may have learned those skills. Therefore, the education section of this resume is a bit understated with just the most basic information available to the reader.

Feel free to expand on your education section or move it around if you feel that it would have more sway with a particular employer.


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