College Student Education Google Docs Resume Template

college student education google docs resume template

College Student Education Google Docs Resume Description

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This education based resume has plenty of space to list multiple schools & colleges.

Use it to talk about your graduate school or to list even more details about the one school you went to.

This resume also has a specific section dedicated to any volunteer work you may have completed.

How To Use A College Student Education Resume

The following guide will help you understand how to use this education based resume.

An Objective Is Just A Summary

An objective in an education based resume is a way to summarize what is to come in the rest of your document.

If you’re uncomfortable with labeling it “objective” then call it your “resume summary”. Whatever you end up titling it, this section should highlight at least two of your top skills that also match with the most important needs of the employer.

A good objective will provide enough information in a straightforward manner to the employer but leave them wanting to read the rest of your resume.

Big & Strong Education Section

If you are lacking in work experience then a nice big education section on your resume can be the best way to get the job.

When you talk about your schooling, be sure to describe as much as you can in terms of what you accomplished. Use numbers and other data to show how you got better, what you got done, and where you ended up.

If you took specialized classes that are relevant to the job then be sure to go into detail about them. Try not to talk about success as just a grade – again, talk about what you were able to achieve both individually and in “group project” settings.

Volunteer Work

This resume finishes off by leaving some space to talk about any volunteer or other side jobs you may have been working while going to school.

With any type of experience you have, it is important to show yourself as being reliable, able to learn, and be a team player. So even if you didn’t learn any specialized skills through volunteering, it can still be a chance to show that you are at least somewhat ready to join the workforce.

When describing the things you did, be creative and try not to just list simple job duties. As in your education section, try to also mention any “bigger picture” changes or successes that you or your team were a part of.


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