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This resume template lets you expand on your education section to include all of your accolades.

It’s a great resume for anyone who has multiple schools that they need to list as part of their education.

It can also be used by job-seekers who have multiple degrees or fields of study. It’s important to show off all of your knowledge!

How To Write A Grad School Education Based Resume

Make Your Education Strong

The education is the lead-off section for this resume so it makes sense to use it if schooling is your strongest selling point.

Start by listing the school or degree with the most job relevance. Whether it be doing the same type of work or learning the basics to do tougher work later on, you’ll want to create an instant connection to the employer through your education.

Other than there being two of them, there’s nothing particularly special about the school listings for this resume’s education section. List job appropriate skills, classes, and knowledge you’ve picked up. Study their job listing to know what types of things you’ve done in school are actually applicable to the job. Note the similarities on your resume.

Volunteer Work

Under the volunteering section, we are just trying to fill out the rest of the page and find opportunities in your past where you’ve held some amount of responsibility.


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