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This resume helps you organize your past experience to capture the employer’s attention.

This is a great resume for someone with a job-hopping type work history by highlighting your unique skills and showing your work history last.

The left column displays technical & job specific skills while the right column shows off more general areas of experience.

The right column is also a good place to talk about what you’ve accomplished using your skills.

How To Use A Functional Resume

The following is general advice on how to fill out, with your own details, a functional type of resume.

Functional Resume 101

The idea of a functional resume is to show off your skills and abilities, dazzle the employer with your know-how, and then let them down gently with your employment dates at the end.

The hope is that they see how valuable you can be as an employee without much regard for your specific work history.

So for people who have had a bit of a checkered work past, this can be a great style of resume.

Specific Skills

The left side of the resume is made up of specific skills that are crucial to working in your industry.

Think as specific as you can, and avoid using more general types of skills like “communicating”.

If necessary, you can keep the skills in separate groups or put them all under one heading.

Think about what makes the most sense for your industry and change it accordingly.

Professional Summary Importance

The professional summary is especially important with a functional resume because it must sum up the many different skills and job roles you may have had.

Create a theme with your resume about the type of worker you are that addresses their needs as a company.

You can do this by finding common duties or responsibilities that tie the jobs together.

Again, keep in mind what the new company is looking for as well.

Ultimately, the rest of this resume will give you the opportunity to go into more detail about the specifics of why you’re great so use this space at the top as a quick way to gain their interest.



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