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high school student no experience google docs resume template

High School Student Skills Google Docs Resume Description

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This resume is specifically made for high school students & recent graduates.

Use the skills you’ve picked up in the classroom or through volunteer work to match up with what employers need.

Be detailed when talking about your high school education. Make note of specific classes or certifications that may apply to the job.

How To Use A High School Google Docs Resume

The following guide will help you to fill out the high school student resume template.

Using A Resume Objective

Regardless of if you use a professional summary or a resume objective, the space under your heading should be used to summarize the rest of your resume.

When you don’t have any work experience then it’s hard to have a summary of your “professional” career, so we can just call it an objective.

Your objective should be based on specifics that the employer is looking for and communicate to them right away that you meet some part of their qualifications. Even if it’s no more than knowing how to use Microsoft Word, use the objective to create a direct connection to what the hiring manager would want in their employee.

Listing Out Your Skills

A good skills section will list specific and relevant skills that the employer is asking for.

You’ll want to avoid using vague skills like ‘being organized’ or ‘punctuality’. The point of the skills section is to tell the employer quickly that you have specific abilities that set you apart and being on time and organized is something everyone will mention.

Think of specific tools that you may have learned how to use in school or through a hobby. If you’ve done volunteer work or have worked in a family business, there might be certain business processes that you know about, like certain accounting or paperwork skills.

If you cannot think of enough skills, it’s okay to scrap this section. Don’t list stuff just to fill up the space. Move on to the next section and hope to find more specific connections to the employer under your education or volunteer work section.


There are almost always opportunities to volunteer in your neighborhood or city. If you don’t have anything else besides education on your resume then it’s time for you to start looking for somewhere to volunteer.

Volunteer work may be for months on end or one day at a time. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is learning what it means to be a worker and take direction.

It also gives you an opportunity to meet new people and gain references to go along with your resume.

When it comes time to list the volunteer work on your resume you will again be looking to list and talk about the things the employer is looking for. Don’t just describe what you did. Put any duties or responsibilities you had into the language the company uses to describe the job in the actual job listing.

A High School Education

Without much or any experience, you may have to rely quite a bit on your education section.

Just like the other sections of your resume, it is important to create a connection between your abilities and the employer. Look closely at their job listings and see if any elective classes you may have taken can help you stand out.

After school activities can also be included under your education section as well as any special ‘jobs’ you may have done through your school, such as being a teacher’s assistant or being a part of student government.



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