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This resume template lets you explain in more detail why you’re the best fit for the job.

With extra space for a longer professional summary, this resume lets you show off key skills and qualifications that you need to explain right at the start of your resume.

Don’t be careless with the space though – get straight to the point and talk about the specific skills you know the job requires.

The extra space just lets you put more context up front before getting into more detail later on in the resume.

How To Utilize A Professional Summary Resume Template

The guide below gives you some starting tips on how to write this resume

Paragraph Length Professional Summary

Get a chance to expand on one or two of the most important skills or abilities the employer is looking for with this longer professional summary resume template.

Use the job listing ad to pinpoint a couple of things the employer seems to really value and address them at the top of your resume.

Use specific details from your experience to lend credibility to your statements.

Try and contain your summary to 3 or 4 spaces. You’ll still have an opportunity to talk about your many other skills on the rest of the resume.

Lots of Work History Space

Even though you’ve gotten a chance to expand in the summary, don’t be afraid to add on details in your work experience section. Reinforce the skills and qualifications you mention earlier in the resume.

Even if you’re mentioning the same skill, talking about using that skills with different employers is still important.

You are able to show growth and an understanding of working & adapting in different environments.

Your work history descriptions should be accomplished based, talking about how you’ve successfully used your skills.

Try to talk about those skills in all types of scenarios.

How did you accomplish a goal? How did you help “the team” or the company overall accomplish a goal?

These are some of the questions any work experience section should be addressing.

Education Is Small

In a lot of our professional resumes the education sections can often be a bit small and understated.

That’s mostly because once you have professional experience, that will take precedence over most other qualifications.

It is still important though to include information about your schooling even if it is not relevant to the job you’re applying for.

If your education is more recent & relevant to the job search then you may want to expand that section.

You may even want to place the education closer to the top if it’s extremely job relevant or you went to a school known in a particular industry.




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