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This resume is great if you have a lot of technical skills you learned in college that are job dependent.

It also allows you to list multiple colleges for post-graduate studies and other relevant education experience.

How to Write A College Education & Skills Based Resume

The following short guide gives you some details on how to fill out this resume.

Key Qualifications & Necessary Skills

This resume jumps right into your most desirable job skills. The point of this resume is to highlight key skills you’ve learned through your education despite not having the necessary work experience.

Try to detail as much hands on experience you’ve picked up through your schooling. The key qualifications section will be skills based phrases and terms that align what you know and what companies are looking for.

Lots of Space For Education

This resume also gives you plenty of room to showcase your complete educational experience.

You can use the space below your school name and degree earned to list specific courses, projects, or skills that you picked up along the way.

Double check the job listing to see how the company describes the job. Even if you don’t have similar work experience, projects you worked on during school may have required similar skills.

Always try and match your resume to the specific job listing on a company by company basis.

Real World Experience

If you do happen to have real world job experience, you can put the details at the bottom of the resume. For some, this experience may have nothing to do with the job you are applying to.

Or it may be unpaid experience through an internship. Regardless, put the experience on your resume. It can show an amount of dependability and trust that a business put into you and can also serve as a great job reference.



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