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This resume lets you expand on your skills and education if you don’t have much work experience.

It includes an objective, skills section, education section, and a place for any other type of experience such as volunteer opportunities.

Although sometimes seen as outdated, the objective in this resume provides a great opportunity to talk about your education based skills & the outlook of your career.

How To Write An Objective Based Resume

The following guide will give you an idea on how to fill out a “no experience” resume with an objective.

Using An Objective

An objective takes the place of a professional summary since if you don’t have experience you won’t have a professional career to summarize.

Your objective should still be a summary of what is to come in your resume. Therefore, it should heavily summarize your education – specifically the parts that make you the most qualified for the job.

A good objective will leave the employer wanting to read more and find out about how you’ve used your skills in any capacity.

Get Specific With Skills

The skills section is your time to shine with job appropriate skills & abilities.

Your skills won’t be gained from work experience but that’s okay. You’ll have a chance to talk more in depth about the skills in your education section.

Make sure to get ideas for skills to list from the job listing itself. Always check to see what a company is specifically asking for. Maybe you’ve learned that skill but called it something different.

Talking About Your Education

Besides putting the general information for your education you will also need to explain your accomplishments.

Your accomplishments should be examples of how you used the skills you mentioned earlier on your resume.

Use all sorts of examples from your education, such as: classroom group projects, clubs & extra curricular activities, volunteer experience, or specifically tested skills with certifications.

A good education section should clearly talk about what skills you bring to the table while also describing in detail how you used them.

Any Experience At All

Think about any experience at all that you can use for your resume. If you haven’t already, you can look for volunteer work to try and get your feet wet in the professional world.

Try and look for opportunities where you you’ll be working in tandem with someone with some experience. Not only will you be able to learn but you can also earn yourself a reference.




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