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This resume template highlights your experience & career in a specific job industry.

This resume is great for job-seekers who have consistently worked in the same industry and/or under one job title.

For your summary, make sure to have both a professional title as well as a short sentence that puts your experience with that job into some perspective.

How To Use A Resume Centered Around A Summary

The following guide will help you build this resume template around a unique professional summary.

Job Title Based Professional Summary

If you are looking for work similar to the work you’re doing now, using a job title based professional summary can be really helpful.

It quickly lets the employer know what position you’re applying for, while also showing that it’s work you’ve done before.

Below the job title is a quick sentence that will usually be based on the amount of your experience.

You won’t go into as much detail as on other professional summaries, but you’ll have plenty of space to give more specifics throughout the rest of the resume.

This is a great resume for people who have lots of experience under one job title or position.

Quick List of Skills

The resume has some space for a quick listing of your most valuable skills.

Use skills that are specific to the job you listed in your professional summary, not broad skills like “organized” or “communication”.

The employer’s job listing ad can be a helpful place to look when deciding what skills to list.

Reinforce With Work Experience

Your work experience section needs to reinforce the idea and summary that you laid out at the start of your resume.

If your job title is customer service, then you’ll want to talk about your accomplishments and skills – what you did for customers and what tools you used to help them.

It’s not enough to just say you have experience as xyz, you need to explain how you carried out your job duties. And the work history section is the place to do it.

Education Not As Important?

For this resume, you are relying a lot on your past work experience instead of your education so naturally the education section will be a little smaller.

If your education provided a part of the experience and skills that would make you an attractive candidate, don’t hesitate to expand the education portion to match your specific qualifications.

If your education is particularly important then you can even consider moving it above the work experience section.

Try it out a couple of different ways and see which looks best to you.



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