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How To Use Our Templates in Microsoft Word Online

If you don’t have a regular software copy of Microsoft Word and just need to make some quick edits to one of our templates then using Microsoft Word Online may be a good option for you as a word processor.

The following guide covers how to upload any resume template into Microsoft Word Online.

Logging into Microsoft Word Online

To start using Microsoft Word Online, click here to open the program in a new browser window.microsoft_word_online_login_page

You will be prompted to log-in to your Microsoft Live Account. If you already have an account, go ahead and log-in.

If you don’t already have a Microsoft Live Account, you’ll need to create one.

You may already have a Microsoft Live Account if you have a Microsoft e-mail address, use a Microsoft phone, or use the popular voice chat program Skype.

Signing up is free, so don’t worry if you don’t have an account yet. And you’ll eventually be able to use more free services besides just Word Online, so signing up is definitely worth it.

Uploading Template Files Into Microsoft Office Online

There are many ways to use Microsoft Office to create or import a resume, but for the purposes of this page we will be talking about how to upload one of the HirePowers resume templates available for download.


Once you’ve logged in,  you’ll be taken to the main landing page for Microsoft Word Online.

In the top right hand corner is the option to “Upload a Document”. Select that option. You will be prompted to select the location of the resume document you would like to open. Browse to the folder where the file is located and double-click on the file.

Editing Your New Resume File

microsoft_word_online_edit_resumeAfter selecting the file, you should see it’s contents loaded up inside a familiar Microsoft Word interface – only through your browser.

At this time, your document is ready to be edited!

Please note that at this time, our resumes with 2 or 3 column skill listings are unable to be edited in Microsoft Word Online because of it’s free limitations and inability to view columns. Full installations of Microsoft Word should have no trouble uploading & editing all of the templates available on HirePowers.

If you are looking to purchase a full version Microsoft Word, you can head over to their store by clicking here.

Saving & Downloading Your Finished Resume

Microsoft Word Online will always be saving your resume since it is already being edited online.

microsoft_word_online_save_download_fileHowever, you may want to download a saved copy to your hard drive or even save a copy to OneDrive, Microsoft’s online storage solution that comes with your Live Account.

If you’d like to save your resume file to OneDrive, select the top option that’s labeled “Save As”. You’ll select which folder on your OneDrive account you’d like to save the file under.

If you would like to save a copy of the resume to your hard drive then select the option “Download a Copy”. Your file will download with the same file extension as when you uploaded it – in our case, with a .docx extension.

You can also download the resume as a PDF file if that is a better option for your needs.

Download Complete

When your file is prepared for you as a download, it’s name and file extension are kept intact so make sure you change that information at some point during the process if you need to.


After a moment, your document is ready and you can hit the “Download” button. Your file will be downloaded to your hard drive through to your browser’s preferred download folder location.


Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates For Download

3 Column Skills Microsoft Word Resume Template

microsoft_word_3_column_skills_resume_templateThe 3 column layout gives you an opportunity to list lots of job-specific skills and knowledge.

This is a great resume for jobs with lots of technical know-how required.

File name: microsoft word 3 column skills resume template.docx

File size: 6.2 KB

Total downloads: 103

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2 Column Functional Microsoft Word Resume Template

microsoft_word_functional_resume_templateThis functional resume lets you show off your best abilities while not cluttering the resume with the employer specifics.

This is a good resume for people with lots of previous employers in a short amount of time.

File name: microsoft word functional resume template.docx

File size: 18.2 KB

Total downloads: 59

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Lots of Skills Education Microsoft Word Resume Template

microsoft_word_lots_of_skills_education_resume_templateIf you don’t have much employment experience and instead rely on your education background for job applications, this is a great resume for you.

This is especially useful for people with multiple college or graduate degrees.

File name: microsoft word lots of skills education resume template.docx

File size: 19.3 KB

Total downloads: 79

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Grad School Education Microsoft Word Resume Template

microsoft_word_education_grad_school_resume_templateThis education based resume lets you showcase all levels of your education.

It’s a great resume for job-seekers who have graduate degrees that may specifically pertain to their job search.

File name: microsoft word education grad school resume template.docx

File size: 16.8 KB

Total downloads: 32

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Longer Summary Microsoft Word Resume Template

microsoft_word_longer_summary_resume_templateExpand on your summary with this lengthened professional summary section.

This can be a great resume if your skills and abilitites are focused on a particular industry.

File name: microsoft word longer summary resume template.docx

File size: 20.1 KB

Total downloads: 38

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Bolded Professional Summary Microsoft Word Resume Template

bolded professional summary microsoft word resume template

File name: bolded-professional-summary-microsoft-word-resume-template.docx

File size: 6.7 KB

Total downloads: 0

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