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Format For A No Experience Resume

A resume’s “format” is just another way to describe how you organize the information & various sections of the resume.

With a no experience resume, you will want to use a format that emphasizes your education and the other strong points that make up for your lack of work experience.

Focusing On Your Education

The overall focus of most no experience resumes will be your education and the skills that have developed because of that education. But the education section itself may not always be the largest section of your resume.

Your education may actually trickle out into many sections of your resume: the skills section, the objective, and maybe even some internships or volunteer work.

And whether you are a graduate or a current student, your resume should still be focused on talking about your skills and abilitites in terms of achievements. Achievements can be things such as group projects completed, credits earned, or specific courses passed.

Volunteer & Other “Experience”

As soon as you are able to, you should start to look for opportunities to volunteer through your education or through community events. Churches and local non-profit organizations are also great ways to volunteer in the community.

Volunteer opportunities don’t necessarily need to be in the industry that you’re looking to eventually apply for. Any type of experience is helpful and using everyday “transferable” job skills like communicating with others or providing customer service will help show you are ready to take on the responsibilities of a full-time job.

Ultimately, however you fill the gap of work experience on your resume will depend on the skills and abilities that you have. When you think about your next resume format, ask yourself the following questions: What is the best way to showcase my best skills? How can I incorporate what I’ve learned through schooling in more sections of my resume? What is filling my “work experience gaps”?

The answers to those questions will help you know how best to organize your resume’s information.

Read on to find out about the various sections of a no experience resume.


How To Make A No Experience Resume

The following guide takes you through the process of filling out any of the resumes available for download on this page, section by section.

Key Parts Of Your Heading

The heading of your resume should include at least four pieces of crucial information:

  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • City, State
  • E-Mail Address

The phone number you list on your resume should be able to be answered in a moment’s notice. Plenty of jobs will not make multiple calls and will instead just go to the next name on the list. So bottom line, list a phone number you know is reliable.

Your e-mail address should be something professional and as close to your name as possible. If you need to, make a new email address just for applying to jobs.

Overall, the heading is pretty straightforward. But treat it with care and take it seriously as your own personal brand.

How To Write A Good Professional Objective

The resume objective often gets a bad name, but that’s usually because most people just don’t know how to write a good one.

For someone without any work experience, an objective is a great way to provide a quick summary of what your resume will be about.

Combine Your Ambitions With Your Best Skills

A good objective will be a summary of your most desirable skills and your future ambitions in the industry, if applicable.

The most desirable skills will change depending on what company and what type of job you’re applying to. That is why it is important to thoroughly examine each job listing to find commonalities between it and your education or other non-work experience.

Once you have found a skill or two that you have that is a strong connection to what they are looking for, you can then tie in any other education based connections that may be applicable.

Resume Objective Example

For example, if you were a computer programmer looking for a job while in school and came across a job valuing specific coding knowledge, your objective may look something like this:

Third year computer programming student with classroom project experience in C++ and Java seeking Computer Programmer 1 position.

Your objective can be longer than just one sentence, but it’s certainly not necessary.

Remember that you are only summarizing your resume, and that the rest of your resume will be able to go into more detail about just how great & qualified you are. A good objective will entice the employer enough to keep reading and to find out more.

Listing The “Experience” You Do Have

Even without job history, there may be many different types of experience that you have that are worthy of being listed on your resume.

Volunteering, internships, externships, and neighborly acts are just some examples of the types of experience that you may have that can actually be difficult to know how to put on a resume.

Four Key Pieces of Information

When you list any type of experience, there are generally four pieces of information you’ll always want to include:

  • Name of the Person or Organization
  • Location (City,State)
  • Date(s) (Was it for a weekend? One month? Be specific and don’t lie)
  • Your “Title” During the Experience (Two to three word phrase describing your general duties)

Beyond those four things, you may also include descriptive statements about the things you do and the skills you practiced & acquired. Remember to use the job listing as a guide for the skillsets they are looking for.

Talking About Different Skillsets

Some of the skills you may have picked up along the way are what we would call “transferable” skills – non-technical skills that can be used in different jobs. Abilities such as customer service, organization, and general computer skills are all types of transferable skills.

These skills “transfer” from job to job, regardless of the industry, and can be incredibly important to have in your job search. But it won’t be enough to just list those skills as bullet points.

Instead, try and think of what you accomplished and achieved using those specific skills. Write about how you used your knowledge & education to solve problems and get tasks done. You will quickly come to find out that you probably have more experience than you thought.

Education On A Resume

Before we get into describing your skills and background, your education section will also need four pieces of crucial information per school:

  • Name of the School
  • Location of the School (City,State)
  • Date of Graduation (or Credits Earned)
  • Degree Major or Main Focus of Studies

As mentioned above, you should only put the date of your graduation if it’s already happened or is about to happen in the next few months. Otherwise you can use the amount of credits you’ve earned alongside the total number of credits required.

Your degree may also be listed as the actual job title you are applying for, in the case of many different trade schools. For example, if you’re going to school to become an HVAC Technician, in the degree & major spot you would put “HVAC Technician”.

Describing Your Education

As with the other sections of your resume, the goal of your education section is to show how you’re schooling has prepared you for the responsibilities of the upcoming job.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to describe your technical job skills in terms of what you accomplished. For example, if you went to school for graphic design then you may talk about particular design layout skills you used on school projects, and computer applications you utilized.

Now don’t just list the programs or skills one by one. Again, describe them in the context of an accomplishment. An accomplishment may be a grade, an award, a scholarship, or it may just be that you gained new knowledge in a particular software program.

It will be important to first describe skills and knowledge found directly in the job listing itself, especially for people with less amounts of experience. Find out how the company describes the job and try to pick up the language they use when talking about daily job duties. While you won’t want to ever copy their information verbatim, you should develop a style to describe your past experience in their “voice”.


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Sample No Experience Resumes

Not having any work experience can be an issue for all types of job seekers – whether you’re still in school, already graduated, or just looking for an internship.

Check out some of the samples below to find out how to make better use of a no experience resume.

No Experience Resume Sample For Students

Students without any work experience will want to describe their education differently than those who have already graduated.

For starters, only list your graduation date if it is coming up within 4-6 months. If your graduation is further out than that, you may want to list the amount of credits you’ve earned instead.

Great Resume For Students

This resume is a blend of formal education & other outside “experience”.

It takes into account that while you may be in school now, not all of your skills and abilities may have come from college.


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And while you may not be able to draw upon as many skills as a graduate, the knowledge and skills you do have will be important to showcase on your resume.

Regardless of how you explain your experience so far as a student, you should always attempt to find a common theme between your education and the job you are applying for.

Look carefully through job listings to find out how they describe the day to day aspects of the job. You can then review your own experiences a student to find similar situations that you faced, whether they be from group projects or individual classwork.


No Experience Resume Sample For Recent Graduates

As a recent graduate, your resume should be built around your education.

Be sure to use the entire breadth of your experience at school to fill out your resume. This includes summer projects, fraternity or sorority volunteering opportunities, job specific classes, and anything else that helped you develop the skills you will use in your career.

Recent Graduate Resume

This resume wastes no time with an objective or summary and dives right into your education and what you learned.

This is also a great resume for people who are looking to attend graduate school and will need lots of space for education.


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Remember to put your education and degree into a context that the employer can understand. Use industry standard or commonly agreed upon terms of your field when describing your knowledge and skills.

As a recent graduate, you’re most likely going to want to lead off with your education. Even so, your situation may be different so feel free to move sections around to suit your specific needs.

Also, remember to tailor your resume to each company you apply to. Don’t treat your applications like a dating app – take the time to get to know the company and apply with a purpose. You may end up applying to fewer places but you’ll end up wasting less time.


Cover Letters For A Resume With No Experience

Cover letters can be a great way to provide more information to an employer if you have little or no experience.

A resume’s cover letter will help you introduce yourself and can help you elaborate about how your abilities fit their needs.

Make A Personal Connection

cover_letter_example_1Besides talking about your skills, a cover letter is also a great opportunity to create a personal connection.

You can do this by properly researching the companies you are applying to and finding how your background and theirs intersects.

For example, maybe there are charities that the company works with that you have volunteered with. Maybe you are being referred to the company by a family member or friend who is already working there. Or maybe the company has been a special part of the community and your life in some way that has stood out.

Whatever that connection may be, emphasize it and write a few sentences about it to supplement your education and skills. It can provide the extra personal touch to wake up a hiring manager slogging through applications.


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No Experience Resume Templates Free to Download

The free resume templates available on this page are made specifically for job-seekers who have little to no experience.

Objective Skills Volunteer No Experience Resume



This resume leads off with an objective to let the employer know your career outset.

It also contains a lot of area for skills you have learned through your education.

On the bottom of the resume is a section for listing any volunteer experience.

File name: objective skills education no experience resume template.docx

File size: 6.1 KB

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Graduate School Education No Experience Resume


This resume is great for someone with an extensive educational background.

You can use the bullet points under the school listings to emphasize specific skills you learned and tasks you completed.

File name: no experience education grad school resume template.docx

File size: 16.8 KB

Total downloads: 40


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3 Column Skills College Education No Experience Resume


If you have specific technical skills you learned through your schooling then this is a great resume for you.

There’s also lots of space for your education if you have multiple degrees.

File name: 3_column_skills_education_first_resume_template.docx

File size: 19.3 KB

Total downloads: 45


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High School Student No Experience Resume

This resume is formatted for high school students as well as high school graduates who have earned their diploma.

File size: 7.9 KB

Total downloads: 8 Click For Download Page

College Student No Experience Resume



This resume is formatted for college students.

File name: college-student-no-experience-resume-template.docx

File size: 7.6 KB

Total downloads: 7

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College Education Functional No Experience Resume

College Education Functional No Experience Resume Template


File name: College-Education-Functional-No-Experience-Resume-Template.docx

File size: 7.5 KB

Total downloads: 4


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“No Experience Resume – How to Get a Job With No Experience” Video Tutorial

Video Description

Three main keys to having success in your job search is your attitude, how you view experience, and how you go about the process of the job search itself.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

Have a positive approach to the job search. There will be lots of disappointment and rejection, but it just means you’re that much closer to finding the right job. Even if you have to be cynical about the job search, at least understand that your outlook or view does not change the process itself.

Think About Experience Differently

Take time to think about what you’re good at and how you learned to be good at it. What skills that you picked up in school and with hobbies can be applied to every-day jobs? Getting experience in something doesn’t require a job with a steady paycheck.

Look for opportunities to help in your community and to volunteer. The skills you pick up as a teen or student, can often be transferred to your new job.

Be Smart About Your Job Search

Target jobs with 2 years of experience or less, which won’t be much of a stretch. New-comers will have more success applying for jobs in-person and re-kindling school friendships, finding people already employed to recommend you.

Track your job search and follow up with employers on a weekly and monthly basis.