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no experience education grad school resume template

Education Based Grad School No Experience Resume Description

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This resume is great for someone with lots of education to list on their resume. This may be graduate school or any other specialized education that will take the place of work experience on your resume.

The resume is very straightforward – you will lead off with all of your education, with the most recent education listed first.

You can use the bullet points under the school listings to emphasize specific skills you learned and tasks you completed.

After the education, list any volunteer work experience you may have. Regardless of how long or short your experience was, write down tasks that have any relevance to the job you’re applying for.

How To Write A No Experience Grad School Resume

This following guide will help you fill out the various sections of the resume template.

Larger Education Section

This resume includes a larger than most education section right at the start and is mainly for people with graduate degrees or with multiple schools to list.

In addition to multiple school listings, this no-experience template provides you with space to list skills and abilities for each school you’ve attended.

Because you don’t have paid work experience, you will want to write out the types of experience you gained while in school – either in the classroom or in extra-curricular activities.

Review the job listing to see if there are relatable skills or experience you can speak to based on what you did in school.

Volunteer Work and Experience

With only an education section to balance out the resume, you will want to have at least some type of experience to talk about, even if it wasn’t paid. If you haven’t already, find opportunities in your local area to volunteer – even if to just gain some experience.

Volunteer work experience can show value in how you work with others, your work ethic, and help you develop new skills. List any volunteer experience just like you would paid employment.


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