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This high school education based resume gives you space to talk about specific skills, any volunteer experience, and your achievements in high school.

Without work experience, it will be important to highlight things you did at high school that will set you apart from other students.

How To Make A Resume As A High School Student

This following guide will help you fill out the various sections of the resume template.

High School Resume Objective

A good high school student objective will highlight your top skills and abilities you learned from school and it will also talk about your future career goals that tie in with that specific company.

An objective, even at the high school level, should not just be about your hopes and dreams. It needs to capture why you are a good fit and how you fit into the long term goals of the company.

High School Skills

This resume has a skills section which lends itself to technical skills you may have acquired through your formal high school education or through a hobby on your own.

Specific skills can be things like knowledge of software programs or specific tools of a trade.

If your knowledge is limited to more general topics then it may be best to remove this section, as it’s never a good idea to force yourself to come up with half relevant skills.

Listing Any Volunteer Experience

If you don’t have any work experience yet, then it is crucial to start looking for opportunities to gain experience through volunteering.

Being a volunteer can provide you with valuable experience as well as references from people who mentor you that can be used for your future job search.

It’s important to list all of the information correctly, with the right dates and locations, so that employers can follow up on your history.

And while your volunteer experience won’t always be relevant to the jobs you’re looking to apply for, provide clear details on the things you accomplished through your volunteer work, however small. How you describe your work can often be more important than what you actually did.

A High School Education

Your education section should include five different things: the name of your school, the location of your school, your date of graduation, the degree you are earning (diploma, GED, etc.), and some of your top accomplishments.



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