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This resume lets you expand on your skills and education if you don’t have much work experience.

You probably learned some job-ready skills while going to school or doing volunteer work, so don’t be afraid to list job-appropriate skills.

Also, an objective can still be useful when describing your career outlook – even if you don’t have any experience on the job.

On the bottom of the resume is a section for listing out any volunteer work you may have done. Even if your volunteer experience was for a short period of time, still write down the skills you used and anything you may have learned.

This is a great resume for students and people new to the job-search.

How To Use A No Experience Resume Template

This following guide will help you fill out the various sections of the resume template.

Resume Objective

The main goal for this resume’s objective is to summarize your education and any skills or experience that have come from your schooling.

If possible, your objective should focus around specific skills that match as closely as possible with the work you’ll be doing at the new job.

If you don’t have comparable experience or education, try and create a general theme around the education and skills you do have.

If you have experience, most times you will want to use a professional summary that can wrap up your entire work history in a sentence or two.

But since this resume template is mostly for those job-seekers without experience, an objective is often more appropriate.

Listing Individual Skills

The skills section is for listing technical and job appropriate skills that you have. The skills should be as specific as possible, such as software programs you know or names of tools you are proficient with.

For someone without experience, the skills section will be important to create a connection with the employer and the job.

Go back and review the job listing itself to see if they ask for any specific skills that you’d be able to list.

Education Section

This resume’s education section gives you some extra space to expand on programs you’ve been a part of or skills you’ve acquired as part of your education experience.

Again, use this space to match up what you do best and what the company is looking for.

If you feel your education is a stronger selling point for you than any individual skill you may have then you can move this section about the skills section.

Volunteer Work & Experience

This section of the resume allows you to write down any other type of experience you may have, no matter how brief.

Think about the daily tasks for the job you want and try to see if you can develop any of the necessary skills by volunteering in your community.

Even if the experience doesn’t last more than a day or two, it can be a stepping stone to learning and creating business connections.

List out any volunteer work just like you would an actual job, with dates, locations, company names, and titles – if you happen to have been given one.



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