Top 3 Resumes For Students With No Work Experience

Written by Joshua Brown on October 19, 2018

A lot of no experience resumes for students can end up looking empty or lopsided with white space.

For a no experience resume the format and how you organize your information are of critical importance.

Here are three no experience resumes for students that help you showcase what you know and can do for a company:

1. High School Student With No Work Experience Resume

The high school student resume is a bare-bones entry level resume that will grow with you as you gain more experience.

high_school_student_no_experience_resume_template_An objective may seem old-school but a well written objective can give you an edge against others without any experience. Your objective should combine the best skill or ability you have to offer with your enthusiasm to learn as a new worker.

Understand the risk that an employer is taking when they hire an employee and write your objective to the employer with that in mind.

Don’t be afraid to rely on summer lawn mowing or babysitting jobs to find some sort of experience to fill up your resume. Your lack of experience is understandable because you’re still in school or just a recent graduate.

If you haven’t yet, find opportunities in your community to volunteer. The work you do may be boring or tedious but the connections you make can transform your career.

Part of gaining even basic experience is to show future employers that you can follow simple directions and do what you’re told. It is also a good measure of your ability to work with other people.

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Even though you haven’t technically had a “job”, make sure to give as much detail as possible about any summer work or volunteering. You should always include the name of the people you helped, the date, the location, and describe what you did.

Ask For References

Also make sure at each opportunity to ask someone to be a reference for you. Include these references on a separate sheet of paper.

The skills you list on a high school resume may in fact come from specialized high school classes. If this is the case then make sure to write down the class you learned the skill in & how you learned the skill. The additional information beyond the skill itself can be detailed under your high school in the education section of the resume.

Click to download the high school student resume template.


2. College Education Functional Skills Resume

Whether you’re in the middle of your college education or you’re a recent graduate, you’ll likely have some educational experiences to draw upon and list on your resume.

College Education Functional No Experience Resume TemplateAs you go through school some of your knowledge will become more specific. You will learn to use certain tools of your trade. You will also learn specific ways to describe job dependent tasks & accomplishments.

This particular education based resume is laid out in what is called a “functional” manner. Functional just means you are emphasizing specific skill-sets rather than how and where you learned them.

A summary of accomplishments leads off this resume to quickly show the employer what you can bring to their company. These skills should be matched to each different employer.

Make a judgment on what the company values most and how their needs match with your abilities. These are the skills that will go in your summary.

College Education Functional No Experience Resume Template

Make sure your different skill categories are labeled appropriately, with skills that you know the employer is looking for.

Besides describing your skills, you will also want to talk about how you used your skills and to what end. In other words, what was accomplished in the grand scheme of things? How was that significant for your team or your school?

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3. Graduate School Student With No Work Experience Resume

When you have a lot of education to talk about then it can be a challenge to be as detailed as possible and still fit everything on one page.

This graduate school student resume foregoes an objective but feel free to include one if you would like.

Sometimes no objective can be better than a bad objective.

The education section has multiple listings for schools and can be built upon even more.

Just like a job experience section, any entry under your education should  have four crucial pieces of information: name of the school, the location, the date you did or will graduate on, and your degree or field of study.

Beyond that, your education section should list your accomplishments under the corresponding school. And don’t just talk about your grades as an accomplishment. Describe accomplishments involving specific projects – both group and self completed projects.

Think about the skills you learned and describe the tasks you completed that involved the skill. Talking about your past performance and competency will help the employer envision those abilities being used in the new job.

In a truly education based resume such as this, you will need to be creative. But the truth is that there are many similarities between school and the “real world” that you will be able to draw upon that can show you are a job ready.

Graduate School Student With No Work Experience Resume

This resume also includes a section for any volunteer work you may have done. This section can be used for any other types of experience you may need to talk about to beef up your resume.

Again, include those four pieces of information described earlier when listing any additional experience.

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