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bolded professional summary resume

Bolded Professional Summary Resume Description

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This resume template uses a bolded professional summary to call attention to your strongest qualifications.

It’s also a great resume for job-seekers who need to show a lot of technical knowledge in a short amount of time.

Use the strong summary to set the tone and let the employer know you’re qualified right away!

How To Fill Out A Professional Summary Resume

This guide provides details on how to fill out this type of resume.

Bold, Strong Professional Summary

Your summary for this resume should fit on one line and be a concise breakdown of why you are the best candidate for the job.

Besides the bold, feel free to make the text itself bigger as well to help you stand out.

Two Columns Of Skills

Use skills that back up your strong professional summary and are specifically relevant to the job listing.

Different jobs may need different skills, even for the same type of job, so make sure to adjust this section accordingly.

If you need extra space at the bottom, you can change this into a three column template using the columns tool in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Work History


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