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A skills based resume template provides an applicant a lot of space to list their specific skills and abilities. This is a great resume for job-seekers in trade industries including IT, various medical fields, and the electrician profession – just to name a few.

This page will provide you free skills-based resume templates that feature skill sections as well as information on how to decide what skills to include on your own resume.

What Are Professional Resume Skills?

Professional resume skills are a combination of skills that you display on your resume.  These 2 sets of skill categories are your technical skills and your transferable skills.

Technical or “Hard” Skills

Your technical skills, sometimes called your hard skills, are professional skills that apply to a specific career path, industry, or job.

For example, a technical skill for a medical assistant would be an ability to draw blood from a patient. Only somebody in a medical field-related job would be expected to know how to draw blood. But specifically for a medical assistant, it is often a crucial and often required skill.

If a job listing calls for lots of these type of job or industry specific skills, you will probably want to have your very own skills section. View the resume template example below for a sample of a resume’s skills section.

More Examples of Resume Technical Skills

Technical skills can be job duties, tools you know how to operate, software you know how to use, or any other job specific qualification.

For example, many office and customer service based jobs will ask that you know some basic office computer software like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Putting those software titles in a bulleted list on your resume will quickly let the employer know you meet those qualifications.

Transferable or “Soft” Skills

Your transferable skills, often called “soft” skills, are skills that you can apply to any job you may do, no matter the specifics.

Transferable skills are things like your ability to communicate or how you handle working under deadlines & pressure.

For the most part, I don’t recommend listing these transferable skills along with your technical skills. Transferable skills are hard to explain in one or two word phrases. Therefore, I’d recommend detailing these soft skills under your job descriptions.

For example, putting that you are an “effective communicator” is not nearly as flattering as taking a full sentence to describe a situation when you actually communicated effectively.

Instead of writing that you are “a quick learner”, describe situations when you had to learn new systems or job duties while still performing your normal daily tasks.

Listing Skills That Are Job Specific

So now that we know technical skills are the skills we will be listing on our resume, how can we know which skills to add? Let’s take a look at a sample job listing to find out:

As a Data Entry Employee, you will be researching websites and documents, finding pertinent information, and posting this to our website. Judgement, detail and accuracy are extremely important. You will be part of our Research team and you must be able to work well independently. Please note that this position requires sitting at a computer for 8 hrs a day and you will be carefully researching and reviewing websites for applicable content on a daily basis.

Training will be provided for this position.

Essential Duties : * Searching websites for applicable IT information * Posting/data entry within our systems * Working with our applications and databases * Working with our spreadsheets to track production * Other Research projects as assigned

Abilities Required: * Proficient in Microsoft Office programs (Outlook, Excel, Word) * Highly organized and efficient * Excellent communication skills in written format. * Ability to type at a minimum rate of 55 wpm with accuracy * Highly detail oriented * Ability to navigate through Websites and familiarity with internet usage, and various software programs.

Let’s go through and see which requirements listed would be good additions to our skills section.

Working with our applications and databases

They don’t list the specific applications, but if you have experience working with database software then that would be a great technical skill.

Proficient in Microsoft Office programs (Outlook, Excel, Word)

Here they list specific computer software programs that we can list on our resume if we know how to use them. Microsoft Outlook, Excel, & Word.

Ability to type at a minimum rate of 55 wpm

While typing itself would not be an appropriate ability to list, the ability to type at a specific words per minute, or wpm, can be an important requirement listed by employers.

Why Use a Skills Based Summary?

A skills based resume is often needed when the job posting asks for a lot of specific qualifications that need to be listed.

Free Skills Based Resume Templates For Download

3 Column Many Skills Resume

many skills professional summary resume template

This resume template has 3 columns – plenty of space to list all your skills.

The three column skill layout is great for listing lots of requirements & qualifications. This type of resume is especially useful to job-seekers in the trades or any industry that requires a lot of skills.

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Strong Summary Skills Resume

bolded professional summary resume

This resume template uses a bolded professional summary to let the employer know you’re qualified.

This can be a great resume to use when you have multiple attributes that meet the employer’s requirements and want to make sure they don’t miss them! This professional summary works best in one or two quick sentences.

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Functional Skills Resume

Columns Functional Skills Resume Template

This resume can help show off a varied work history, with experience in different industries.

Your work history is all at the bottom, so this is also a good resume for job-seekers looking to hide some employment gaps.

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Industry Specific Professional Summary Resume 

Specific Industry Skills Resume Template

This resume template is for job seekers that have worked in the same industry for long parts of their career and are looking to continue in that same line of work.

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Education Based Many Skills Resume

education based many skills resume template

This resume has 3 columns of skills followed by a large education section, for multiple degrees if needed.

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Objective Skills Volunteer Experience Resume

objective skills volunteer experience resume template

This resume template provides an objective section along with the skills and education and is best for job-seekers without professional experience.

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