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3 column lots of skills resume template

3 Column Skills Resume Description

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This resume template has 3 columns – plenty of space to list all your skills.

The resume is great for people with a lot of technical skills that are specific needs the employer has.

Any job in a trade type of industry would benefit from using this resume.

If your education is a bit more extensive, don’t be afraid to take away some work experience to expand on your schooling.

How To Use A 3 Column Skills Resume

The following guide provides information on how to fill out this skills based resume.

Summarizing Your Skills

Your resume will begin with a professional summary that clearly summarizes your range of skills.

This summary will be a little bit different depending on what a particular company is looking for.

3 Columns of Skills

This resume provides you with a lot of space to list any number of skills that are relevant for the job.

These skills can be either technical or personal, but they should all fit in with the specific job you’re applying to.

Employment History or Job Listings

The job listings on your resume are straightforward and will be listed from your most recent job to your least recent job.

For this resume, we need four basic pieces of information for any job: the company you worked for, your job title, the location of the company, and the dates you worked there.

The resume also includes bullet points for you to include job specific accomplishments and descriptions.

For this section, it is a good idea to use the company’s website and job listing to see the specifics of what they are looking for in a candidate.


Your education section should include the name of the school, your degree, the location of the school, and your date of graduation.



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Resume Video Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial on how to use this resume in Google Docs:

Video Transcript

Alright, so we are going to go ahead and open up our three column skills resume and how we do that in Google Docs is we are going to open our file picker.

Head over to upload and we are going to select our three column skills resume template and that will open it in Google Docs, directly into the word processor.

And so this resume is trying to compact as much information as possible. So the way that you’ll want to edit this is usually from the top down.

So as you can see we have our name being the first heading and then each additional section being a second heading, being a different text size than the main body.

So let’s say for example we have here in our employment history, we will just go ahead and copy and add some additional skills here to make sure that those are all lined up here.

But if this does end up going on to say a second page here you know, don’t worry we can slim it down some.

What you really want to do is try and include as many bullet points up in this top layer here for this first job and then we can ,if it comes down to it, the jobs that are furthest away in time can always be removed down to a bullet point or two.

So again this resume is trying to pack as much information as possible so again try and use it for more technical jobs where you have to list, you know, fourteen or fifteen skills that are going to be technical.

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