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This resume lets you expand on your college skills and education. It also provides additional space for some volunteer work experience.

A strong objective on this resume will set the theme for the rest of your resume. Be sure to mention your best skill & top qualification in the objective.

This resume also has additional space to list a second trade school or college. Make the best use of this space by detailing your top accomplishments.

How To Make A Resume As A College Student

This following guide will help you fill out the various sections of the resume template.

Writing an Objective

An objective from the perspective of a college student or recent graduate should capture the reason you are most qualified combined with how your schooling fits in with the overall job.

The objective, in this case, should be a summary of the best about your educational experience and should be enticing to make the employer continue reading your resume.

Skills & Abilities

A basic bullet-point skills section is included with the resume and should focus on what specific skills are needed for each different job you apply for.

That means that each resume you submit should be a little bit different. You should only be adding the most relevant skills – and each employer may have different skills based needs.

Education Section

This resume provides space for multiple educational listings so that you can include graduate school, high school, or whatever other school may be relevant for your experience.

Under each school, be sure to list some of your most relevant accomplishments. Talk about your skills from earlier in your resume, and how you used those skills to get work done.

Of course, you’ll always want to include the following for any school: the location, name of your degree, name of the school, and when you graduated.

ANY Type of Experience

If you have any volunteer work or ANY other type of experience, you can include it at the bottom.

It doesn’t have to be relevant because we are placing it at the bottom. Also, we are just trying to show some basic level of responsibility if we don’t have any other type of work experience to list.



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