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This resume lets you expand on your high school skills and education, a perfect fit whether you’re still in high school or just a recent graduate.

An objective is most useful for high school students because they have even less experience to fall back on. A good objective will combine the skills you’ve learned so far with your future career ambitions.

This resume also provides additional space if you have any volunteer work experience.

How To Make A Resume As A High School Student

This following guide will help you fill out the various sections of the resume template.

Start With A Solid Objective

No Objective is better than a bad objective, so if you don’t feel comfortable writing one just yet then skip directly to your skills.

With that said, a good objective will absolutely set you apart from your high school peers.

You may have a lot of ambition and won’t know exactly what you’d like to do – but focus on what the job entails and requires of you.

We all know most entry level jobs aren’t fun and don’t allow you to have long term career ambitions.

So shorten the time frame and think of ways to frame your success in the work force as their (the company’s) success.

Go Get Volunteering

If you haven’t already, look for opportunities to volunteer in industries that are interesting to you. Always ask to do and learn more. And always ask people to be a future reference.

Volunteering is not just good for your community, it is a good way for you to learn basic business ideas.

It is also a great way to learn how to work with other people with accountability.

Any volunteer experience should be listed with the name of the organization, your role with them, their location, and the dates you volunteered.

Having this information, along with some details about what you did, goes a long way to establishing trust with future employers.

A High School Education

Your high school listing itself may be less descriptive than this example, and that’s ok. Again, at least have the basic information – name of the school, it’s location,



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