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objective skills volunteer experience resume template

 Objective Volunteer Skills Resume Description

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This resume features an objective and your most important job skills to attract employers.

An objective should be a combination of the skills you’ve learned in your education, volunteer work, & your career aspirations.

If you have volunteer experience that is relevant for the job you’re applying to, move it above your education within the template.

How To Use A Skills Resume Template With Objective

This guide below provides some quick tips on how to fill out this skills based resume with an objective.

Still Using An Objective?

An objective can still be helpful on your resume if you are lacking in professional experience. But you should keep two things in mind when writing your objective: speak to what the company is looking for & emphasize the best you have to offer as an employee.

Your objective can also be a bit of a projection of your career, but you should always be focusing on what the employer is looking for and less on what you want out of the job. Ultimately, think of the objective as a professional summary but for students.

Job Specific Skills

This resume has a fairly large skill section meant to list job-specific skills that the employer is looking for. Most likely, these will be skills you’ve picked up through your education or perhaps through personal time with a hobby. In any case, they should be hyper focused based on what the job listing is asking for.

Try to avoid using more general or transferable skills like “customer service”. These type of skills are better explained under your education or volunteer experience.

No Experience?

When you first start your job search you need to think differently about what it means to have experience.

Through your education, volunteer work, or through independent study, you have most likely learned skills and acquired traits that make you valuable to employers.

Underneath the appropriate heading, whether it be your education or under a businesses you volunteered with, do your best to explain how you learned AND how you utilized the skills you are claiming to have. Don’t try and over-complicate things. The language you use will often let them know you do in fact know what you’re talking about.




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