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[panel style=”panel-default”] [panel-header] Shelley D.   |   June 2017
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Before using HirePowers.net’s education & career assistance on-line service, I was using a chronological resume as my primary job search tool to sell my skills and abilities to prospective employers.

After spending hours of valuable time sitting in workshops listening to various career coaches regarding how to write a resume, I still found myself not satisfied and still frustrated because I realized my resume was not putting my best selling points forward.

I then discovered HirePowers.net and they quickly educated me on how to write the type of resume format that would present my work history, skills, and abilities in the best way possible. I learned there are different types of resume formats to use for people with different or odd work history experience. I found that this was the information that I needed in my situation what was not addressed in most resume writing information I obtained in the past.

I am now reaping the benefits of understanding and how to write an effective resume tailored to bring attention to my work history, knowing which attributes to emphasize, while knowing which attributes not to highlight. I am an IT contractor, meaning I work as needed, or on demand, which has caused gaps in my work history. Unfortunately this makes me look like a job hopper. If you are someone who wants to create a resume, however you realize you are a worker with work gaps, or you’re changing the type of work you are doing.

I highly recommend watching the Hire Powers YouTube videos, you should find the information is presented by Joshua Brown quick, comprehensible, and to the point. I also found the resume examples and templates on HirePowers.net to be very helpful, and I am a “Hire Powers” YouTube channel subscriber.

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